10/27/2018 Annual Picnic and Doggie Halloween Contest at Quiet Waters Park
Pavillion “D” at noon

Lunch will include-chicken, salad, chips and desert. Cost will be $10 per person. Please pay Pat at the picnic. Please bring your own drink.

Directions: from the south Turnpike north to Sample-turn right go to Powerline Rd turn
left just past 10th street on left (approx 3 miles). Coming from the north exit at Glades go left to Powerline go right approx 3 miles on right.

Meet Linda Bryer’s New baby girl!

Mia the Parti girl was born 12/15/17 and Sophie the Chocolate girl was born 11/19/17. They had been playmates before I got them. Mia weighs 2 lbs 15 1/2 oz and Sophie 2 lbs 4 oz. I picked up Sophie in West Virginia on 7/14/18.

Fate turns 1Fate had a GREAT birthday on (8/27/18) complete with cake for class members & homemade dog treats for her classmates.

She’s a great little dog! Looking forward to having a LOT of fun with her!

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