August, 2019
Fate completed her Novice Jumper’s w/Weaves Preferred title this past weekend & also earned her 1st leg in Open JWW Preferred. She was really on a roll & ALSO earned her Open Agility Preferred title this weekend after only showing in this class 5 times!
Fate has earned 8 titles since I began showing her on the 29th of Sept: Obedience: BN, CD,CDX, Rally: RN, RA, Agility: NAP, OAP & NJP.
She will turn TWO on August 27th! She’s a remarkable little dog!
If you’re wondering why I’m dressed for winter it’s because the A/C in the building is kept on in the mid-60’s while it’s almost 100 degrees outside! LOL!

June 2019
Fate earned her Novice Standard Preferred title in 3 shows this past weekend (June 15-16, 2019) with beautiful runs in all three trials.  She ran 29 seconds under time in the trial completing her title.
Fate also earned 2 Novice Jumper’s Preferred legs as well double Q’ing 2 out of 3 trials. She ran 22 seconds under time in her very first run.
It was a BIG month for Fate & I!  She earned her 2nd CDX leg the weekend before at our club’s trial.
Attached is her picture with her 5 blue ribbons from last weekend’s Agility trials.
I would have loved to have had her picture taken w/both judges & all of her ribbons but as Trial Chair I just didn’t have the time to make that happen.
Fate is one TERRIFIC little dog!  She will be 22 months old the end of June.

Fate earned her 2nd CDX leg on June 8th, 2019 with a 1st place. She was the only dog to qualify out of the 13 dogs shown. She was also the youngest!
I’m very proud of my baby!

I’d like to wish Buttons a VERY happy 13th birthday May 26th, 2019! He has been a wonderful little dog! The picture here was taken when he was about 5 years old in celebration of July 4th. Buttons completed over 660 Pet Therapy visits from the age of 2 until 10 when he retired. He also earned his Nat’l International, UCH in breed, CDX in Obedience, RE in Rally, TKA in Tricks as well as numerous Agility titles.

Fate & Betty earned their CD title with a 1st place ribbon on Feb. 24th, 2019 at the Indian River Dog Club trial in Melbourne, FL.
Below are a few pictures of Fate winning a placement in Rally this past weekend being the fastest dog out of 4 who were tied for 3rd place with a score of 98 on Sunday morning 4/28/19.  She earned her 1st Rally Advanced leg on Saturday afternoon 4/27/19 with a score of 96.
She also earned her Rally Advanced title this afternoon with a score of 88 due to a 10 point deduction for a handler error!!!
She’s been invited to represent our Obedience Club in the state competition in Rally over Labor Day weekend in Kissimmee, FL.
She’s also in the 1st round pick to represent the club in Obedience that same weekend!
She’s a wonderful working little dog!  She’s never taken a Rally class!
Submitted by Betty 4/29/19

Wills (Ch. Lilykin’s Lover Boy) completed his championship at the Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association show on March 10th 2019. He was shown beautifully by Mara. Powell.
He will now retire and cheer on his little brothers Andy and Charlie who have just started their show careers.