2015 Halloween Picnic

We had a great time this past Saturday Nov. 21st at Quiet Waters Park during our annual Halloween picnic.

Vivian McKinley donated a table full of Yorkie items for sale at the picnic.
All proceeds from the sale went to the club. Thank you Vivian!

Thanks to Betty who prepared some excellent side dishes (potato salad and coleslaw), dessert and doggie treats. Thanks to Jeff for bringing the food and taking care of the setup.

After lunch we had two non-member adults judge the Yorkie Halloween costume contest. All the participants were very cute as you can see from the photos below.

Halloween Contest Winners:

1st place: Jackie Ledea with her 2 lovely lady bugs aka Annie & Hannah.
2nd place: Frank, Yu and Ana with Lord Henry Wotton as a cowboy.
3nd place: Meta won with Heidi as Batgirl.
4th place: Martha won with Charlie as Ironman.

A special “Thank you” to our Judges and guests: Anita Bacon and Jeanne Rivet.

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